Introducing - Sam Swift-Glasman

Originally started off as a sound engineer and then moved into 3D. I have experience working on Film, TV, Commercials and Realtime/VR. I am a 3D Generalist though I do specialise in Houdini and FX animation. I am technically minded and am comfortable with creating tools for Maya, Houdini and Nuke. I also have managed small to mid size 3d teams

I have experience on set for features, developing previs and assisting the VFX supervisor. I  have developed rendering and animation pipelines including writing renderfarm tools. I have also spent considerable time learning the maths and computer science behind our field.

As well as my ongoing  FX work, I spent time developing educational games on the Unity platform. I am currently developing machine learning tools for VFX and working on a machine learning blog

My main tools are:

Houdini, Maya, Katana, Substance, Nuke, Unity

I am fluent in the following scripting and expression languages:

VEX, MEL, Pymel, Hscript, Python, Bash

I have working knowledge of the following languages and libraries:

Houdini HDK, Processing, C++, Open Frameworks, C#, Scipy, Scikit learn, numpy

Specialties: Fluid FX, Cloth FX,  Shaders  and Pipeline Dev


2010 until Present – Currently studying BSC(Hons) Maths and Computing at the Open University

2002-2005 BA(Hons) Commercial Music, University of Westminister

2014- until Present - Pluralsight- subscription

2011- until Present - CMIVFX - subscription

Maya Advanced Shading - Escape Studios 2007 -Online Course

Nuke for 3D Artists - Escape Studios 2007 - Online Course


November 2016 - Present - Fx Lead, Sherlock Gnomes - Mikros Image London

 I am currently working on Paramount forthcoming sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet. I am leading the FX team as well as developing the Houdini Pipeline.

July 2014 –  Oct 2016 - Head of 3D - Realise Studio

Rejoined the team as 3D lead for Da Vinci's Demons Season 3 , after that show I was officially appointed Head of 3D. Created an uber shading system based around the new Disney shading workflow and designed the asset management system

Oct 2013 –  July 2014 - FX TD / RND - Passion Pictures

Integrated Houdini into Passion’s animation pipeline and set up many of the fluid and cloth effects on some of their bigger shows including Nike: The Last Game

Jan 2013 – Sept 2013 - Freelance FX TD - Realise Studio

Worked on effects for several commercials, creating Fluid FX, Cloth FX as well as Lighting my work. Also helped develop geometry instancing and fluid fx toolsets.

April 2010 – Jan 2013 – Generalist TD, FX TD – One of Us Ltd

I have worked as a 3D generalist and effects TD on several feature films, commercials and art installations. I have developed the rendering and animation pipelines, writing tools for Maya, Houdini and Nuke and Qube. I spent time on set developing previs and assisting the VFX supervisor on a feature films

2008 – 2010 -  Junior 3D Generalist / Junior Engineer  - Smoke and Mirrors

I worked on several commercials and Idents as well as splitting my time in the engineering dept where I learned a lot about linux. I also scanned and remeshed 3D models for the V&A in an EU project and helped develop the Nuke versioning pipeline.

2006 – 2008 -  Freelance AV Technician / Animator  - Various

Worked for various Av Companies around London setting up projections for corporate events

2003-2006 - Visual Reality - Technician

Rigged and operated Lighting, Laser and Pyrotechnic rigs for Festivals, Events and Club-nights around London and the South East


2016 - Sherlock Gnomes ( Fx Lead )

2015 - Emerald City ( 3D Lead )

2015 Chemical Brothers Tour 2015 - Feel So Deserted ( 3D Artist )

2014 Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3 ( 3D Lead )

2013 Under the Skin ( Cloth/Effects TD)

2012 - Gambit  - (3d artist: One of Us) 

2012 - Cloud Atlas (sequence pipeline technical director: One of Us) 

2012 - Anna Karenina (cg effects artist: one of us) 

2012 - Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White (pipeline supervisor: One of Us )

2011 - One Day (3d artist: One Of Us) 

2010 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (fx artist: One Of Us )