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Linear Algebra IV - Primitive Shapes in Houdini Vex

This is a continuation of my Linear Algebra series in which I break down how to generate some Islamic Art inspired patterns using Matrices and Vectors. In the previous post I showed how these patterns can be generated easily in Python using Numpy and Matplotlib. I created an initial displacement vector which was then rotated […]

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Linear Algebra III - Primitive Shapes in Numpy

In this post we will start to break down techniques used to generate the piece Al-Jabr. This can be found on the first post in this series. In the embedded IPython notebook below, you will find an implementation of geometric arabic design using the numpy and matplotlib. These libraries as well as another called pandas, […]

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Linear Algebra I - Al-Jabr

First up on my hit list is Linear Algebra -  the prerequisite for any serious numerical work. This tool-set enables the manipulation of huge multi dimensional data-sets with simple scalable algorithms and numerical constructs . Any work involving computers is heavily dependent on these principles. The name is exact in its description, the phrase "Linear" signifies the […]

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